Female – Things To Keep In Mind When Going To Gym

To regain or keep body have a slim shape, solely with specialized machinery is not enough. However, if you only know the hard training, both external appearance and internal health are easily affected for the worse.

  • Before Going To Gym

Skin and hair: Energy consumed much is corresponding to export out of the sweat that much, so it should be clear to your face, avoiding the bit line “abroad” of sweat.

When you exercise, increased body temperature, pore expansion, with the help of sweat, cosmetics class will face pressing against the skin, greasy hair. Consequently, acne will be occasions bursts open and all over you, and the scalp is itchy, uncomfortable. Therefore, before you begin, so facial makeup remover, hair neat columns.

Things To Keep In Mind When Going To Gym


Jump to start: The body needs at least 10 minutes to warm up enough new process in response to your training. Even regular exercise will also need to start. Your workout will be very effective if the muscles are not cramping, pain midway. The phenomenon of tension headaches, muscle pain while training only occurs when the body fails to maintain sufficient strength. More seriously, if not boot, you risk injury in training. Do not regret 10 minutes to rotate the wrists, ankles, bend stretching the muscles.

  • While You Take Exercise

Both collective effort: training over limit condition affecting the cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory … not just strength training while there would not be losing weight. You should ask the instructor to know how these exercises, the machines fits the current state of your health. Ask them to set a standard for the exercises, such as the time, speed, weight … do you apply.

With the combination of machinery, equipment, exercises should follow from mild to severe levels, from simple to complex. You need to set their own body, do not be partakers with friends because they practice what they see this episode, or they are set at the factory machine nearby surface for easy file “eight”. Came to the gym without serious episode, there’s no way to shake some of your weight.

Rests: If you feel tired, too, can not exercise, you should gradually mitigate the practice and keep exercising as at startup. Between the exercises, you may feel thirsty, but then do not rush to drink immediately. Try to endure thirst until your heart rate and your breathing more stable.

Also, while wiping the sweat, you should apply a towel miles miles up who (as a makeup mile). Thus, the sweat will absorb into the skin tissue that are not easily scratched. You try to exercise to lose weight effectively, at the same time care should also pay attention to your skin.

  • After Taking Exercise

Relax your body to recover normal status, ie are breathing, heart rate benchmark. During a break, you can take the sweat towel. Sweat does not stick long in the skin, the chances of bacterial dread effects also work on earth is limited.

You can go for the body of water. Best to drink water or orange juice at the road. If you use fresh water, fruit juice or milk processed, it would no longer be the way to lose weight more effectively. Then, if possible, you should steam right, effective weight loss can be even higher.

  • Notes When You Taking Exercise For Gym

To avoid injury, pre-workout warm-up needed

These items should be brought to the gym when:

Deodorant: Use before and after training. Before each deodorant, you should blot the sweat on the skin under the arms.

Mineral water: It can help you compensate for the body of water loss during strenuous exercise.

Moist towelettes and paper towels dry: Wipe sweat or used to cool the skin.

Boots well before training and relaxation at the end.

Before practicing, you start about 10-15 minutes with gentle movements start as walking, jumping rope … in order that relaxes the muscles, not strain, will help minimize the trauma faced when training. After each workout, hot shower would be the best means of helping you regain mental clarity, and relax the muscles and blood vessels in the body.

  • Which Age Can Body Building?

In general, age is not necessarily the deciding factor whether you have time to practice or not, that may depend on the location of each one. Many of you are just 12 and 14 years have gone by since the age set that you’ve got huge body is well suited for the practice soon. But in our country, the average age of fitness can be from 15 to 17 years old. At this age you are in the process of comprehensive development plus gym work properly, it would be a perfect momentum for the development of the body. This age when going to the gym do sequence the steps below to get a refreshed body but safe.


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